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We appreciate your thought towards preserving our mother nature

Are you replacing your old floor cleaning pad with a new one? It’s important to think about the environment, and we should all try to reduce, reuse and recycle products as much as possible. If you are replacing your old floor cleaning pad, recycling it is a wise and environmentally friendly step and it saves money and the earth together.


The main benefits of the Pad-Ex system are three fold

1.) Cheaper than buying new pads:

       Reconditioning your pads with the Pad-Ex system costs a fraction of what a new pad costs. Compared to what it cost to pay someone to clean a pad ---- forget about it!

2.) The Environment:

       Face it -- it isn't fair to keep the insides of our buildings clean at the expense of the environment. It takes about one gallon of crude oil to produce one floor cleaning pad, and the land-fills where most of our trash is dumped are filled up fast. The construction of a floor pad will not allow it to biodegrade for hundreds of thousands of years

By recycling each floor pad just once using the Pad-Ex system will save millions gallons of oil per year and ease the strain on our environment. 

3.) Labor saving:

       Using the less expensive Pad-Ex system allows you to change pads more often thereby keeping your operators at maximum productivity. Additionally you don't waste employee time with cleaning pads to try to "save money."

Machine maintenance cost should decrease as well because clean pads do a faster job requiring less machine time. 

A floor pad in use is constantly losing effectiveness.

As it is used, the scrubbing particles in the pad are gradually worn away and the operator needs to work harder and harder to get the same results. As a result it takes longer and longer to get the floor cleaned and polished.

The more often the operator changes the pad the greater amount of the time he is working at peak performance.

The Pad-Ex process is a system which takes dirty, worn, wax-laden floor pads and restores them to like new performance at a fraction of the cost of a new pad. You simply put the used pads aside and at regular intervals one of our representatives picks up the old pads and drops off like-new reconditioned pads.

The process

After being picked up from your location the pads are soaked in a special solution which softens the soil and floor wax which has by design been captured in the pad. The pads are then thoroughly cleaned to prepare them for the next step.

Next the pads are coated with epoxy-resin based binders that lock abrasives to the fibers of the pad and hold the pad together. This protects the integrity of the pads and maintains the natural aggressiveness of the various pads.

Finally the pads are baked in a excess of 220 degrees which cures the binders and also kills any bacteria to prevent their spreading.


In closing


Labor savings, pad costs, and protecting the environment are all benefits of recycling your pads with the Pad-Ex system. Each pad can be reconditioned from 30-40 times. The cost to recycle is always much less than new pad.

We have licensee’s across the USA and Canada.


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